2010 AFL Grand Final Replay

There isn’t a person out there – footy fan or not – that hasn’t heard about the shock result of the 2010 AFL Grand Final. But, just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so … the Collingwood Magpies and St Kilda Saints met at the MCG last Saturday for a shot at the AFL Premiership title. The winner remains undecided as the ultimate AFL match resulted in a 68-68 draw.

The match started out with the Magpies looking set to claim their first Premiership flag since 1990. They took an early lead and even went into the half break with an eight-point lead. Though, overconfidence was their downfall as the team slowly but surely allowed St Kilda back in the game. In fact, an impressive mark and goal from Brendon Goddard at the 18-minute mark of the fourth quarter allowed the Saints to pull ahead. Fortunately for Collingwood, Travis Cloke was able to pull off a goal – the last scoring play of the game – with just 3:25 left on the clock. It locked up the score at 68-68 and sent the AFL nation into a tizzy over how a winner would be decided.

Now, to the displeasure of many AFL enthusiasts out there, the two teams will have another match in which they will once again meet up at the MCG for the 2010 AFL Grand Final replay. While plenty will be bemoaning the fact that the game doesn’t have some sort of overtime system, the 2010 AFL Grand Final replay should be seen as one more week of thrilling AFL action. Not to mention that it’s one more chance to get to Sportsbet for some potentially lucrative Grand Final payouts!

This 2010 AFL Grand Final replay has all the makings of a fantastic game of footy. Both of these teams will be going into this one on fairly equal ground. The Saints will have plenty of confidence as they showed they have what it takes to beat the favoured Magpies. If they can play a full match of that fantastic defence that won the fourth quarter for them last week, they stand a decent chance of pulling off the upset. Once again skipper Nick Reiwoldt will be key. The Magpies will face a very tough challenge if Reiwoldt can rally his team.

The Magpies certainly looked battle worn after last week’s AFL Grand Final. They’ll need to bounce back in time for this 2010 AFL Grand Final replay if they want to remain competitive. Nathan Brown will be a key factor in this replay. He did a fantastic job of filling Simon Prestigiacomo’s shoes and showed he knows how to handle St Kilda’s captain. He’ll need to do the same again in this 2010 AFL Grand Final replay should be get called up again. Dane Swan will also be another big player for the ‘Pies. Watch for him to make up for a lacklustre performance last week.

The 2010 AFL Grand Final replay is slated to start this Saturday, October 2 at the MCG. Of course, Ladbrokes.com.au is offering odds on the upcoming match, including the following. Punters may want to consider the 41.00 odds on another draw.

Teams Head-to-Head Line Line (ev) 1-39 40+
Collingwood 1.60 1.92 (-10.5) 2.00 (-13.5) 2.25 4.30
St Kilda 2.40 1.92 (+10.5) 2.00 (+7.5) 3.00 10.00
Draw 41.00