AFL Rules: Players’ Boots, Jewellery & Protective Equipment



For the purposes of this Law 9, Protective Equipment includes but is not limited to:
(a) hard-shell helmets;
(b) knee braces;
(c) shoulder pads;
(d) back supports;
(e) arm guards; and
(f) any other item designated as such by the relevant Controlling Body.


A Player shall not wear during a Match:
(a) any form of jewellery;
(b) bootstuds, plates/cletes or any Protective Equipment (other than Protective Equipment approved by the Controlling Body) unless the field Umpire is satisfied that the item does not constitute a danger or increase the risk of injury to other Players competing in the Match; or
(c) Protective Equipment which has been approved by the relevant Controlling Body, if the field Umpire is satisfied that such equipment has, during the Match, become dangerous or increased the risk of injury to other Players.


At any time before or during a Match, a field Umpire may inspect a Player’s boots or hands or any Protective Equipment that a Player intends to wear or use during the Match.


9.4.1 Order by Umpire and Replacement Player
A field Umpire may order from the Playing Surface a Player who is wearing or using an item prohibited under Law 9.2. Where a Player is ordered from the Playing Surface under this Law:

(a) an Interchange Player may replace the Player ordered from the Playing Surface; and
(b) the Player ordered from the Playing Surface may only re-enter the Playing Surface once the Player has removed the prohibited item.

9.4.2 Refusal to Leave Surface
Where a Player refuses to or does not immediately leave the Playing Surface when ordered to do so by a field Umpire, the following shall apply:
(a) the field Umpire shall warn the Player that a Free Kick will be awarded and that the Player may be reported if they do not leave the Playing Surface;
(b) if the Player still refuses to leave the Playing Surface, the field Umpire shall award a Free Kick to the Player of the opposing Team who is nearest to where the warning was given or where play was stopped, whichever is the greater penalty;
(c) if the Player still refuses to leave the Playing Surface:
(i) the field Umpire shall report the Player for misconduct in failing to follow a direction of an Umpire;
(ii) the Match shall immediately end and the reported Player’s Team shall forfeit the Match; and
(iii) Law 10.7 shall apply to any Match which is forfeited.