2010 Adelaide Crows Team

All footy fans are fully aware that each team chooses 18 players to appear on the field for each game, but the team goes much deeper than that. Each AFL team has a long list of players that can appear on the field based on performance, availability, and injuries. So, here’s a look at the squad of 44 talented players that make up the Adelaide Crows (* denotes a rookie). You can support these players by getting to Ladbrokes.com.au to bet on their AFL fixtures.

2 Brad Moran Ruckman
3 Brent Reilly Midfield
4 Kurt Tippett Key Forward, Ruckman
5 Jonathon Griffin Ruckman
6 Scott Thompson Midfield
7 Nathan van Berlo Midfield
8 Myke Cook Midfield
9 Tyson Edwards Midfield
10 Jarrhan Jacky Midfield
11 Michael Doughty Midfield, Defence
12 Daniel Talia Utility
13 Taylor Walker Forward
14 David Mackay Midfield
15 Brad Symes Midfield
16 Phil Davis Defence
17 Bernie Vince Forward
18 Graham Johncock Defence
20 Ivan Maric Ruckman
21 Chris Knights Half Forward
22 Andy Otten Defence
23 Andrew McLeod Half Back
24 Brett Burton Forward
25 Ben Rutten Key Defender
26 Richard Douglas Midfield, Forward
27 Scott Stevens Utility
28 Jack Gunston Forward
29 James Sellar Key Forward, Key Defender, Ruckman
30 James Craig Ruckman
31 Rory Sloane Midfield
32 Patrick Dangerfield Midfield
33 Jared Petrenko Midfield, Defence
34 Sam Shaw Backline
35 Shawn McKernan Forward, Ruckman
36 Simon Goodwin Backline, Midfield
37 Trent Hentschel Key Forward
38 Tony Armstrong Defence
39 Will Young Utility
40 Jason Porplyzia Forward
41 Brodie Martin Midfield
44 Nathan Bock Key Defender
45 Ricky Henderson Forward
46 Chris Schmidt Midfield
48 Matthew Jaensch Forward
1 Luke Thompson* Backline
42 Brian Donnelly* Forward
43 Aiden Riley* Midfielder
47 Matt Wright* Midfielder
COACH: Neil Craig