2009 Brisbane Lions Team

The Brisbane Lions are a top Aussie Rules Football team located in Queensland who enjoyed a successful 2009 AFL season thanks to an elite squad of players.

The 2009 Brisbane Lions team finished sixth on the ladder and enjoyed a stint in the finals but were knocked out of the competition by the Western Bulldogs in the semis.

Jonathan Brown captained the 2009 Brisbane Lions Team and the extended list of players for the season is listed below.

A number of changes to the squad were made for the current season so view the 2010 Brisbane Lions team before you bet on AFL through Ladbrokes.com.au.

Number Player Position
1 Mitchell Clark Ruck
2 Albert Proud Midfield
3 Sam Sheldon Midfield
4 Travis Johnstone Midfield
5 Scott Harding Midfield
6 Luke Power Midfield
7 Jed Adcock Defender
8 Tim Notting Midfield
9 Ashley McGrath Defender
10 Daniel Rich Midfield
11 Justin Sherman Midfield
12 James Hawksley Defender
13 Kieran King Midfield
14 Lachlan Henderson Midfield
15 Matt Tyler
16 Jonathan Brown (c) Forward
17 Jared Brennan Midfield, Forward
18 Todd Banfield Midfield
19 Jamie Charman Ruck
20 Simon Black Midfield
21 Daniel Merrett Defender
22 Tom Collier Defender
23 Matthew Leuenberger Ruck
24 Joel Patfull Defender
25 Bart McCulloch Ruck
26 Joel MacDonald Defender
27 Pat Garner*
28 Troy Selwood Midfield
29 Jason Roe Defender
30 Jack Redden Midfield
31 James Polkinghorne Forward
32 Cheynee Stiller Midfield
33 Rhan Hooper Midfield
34 Bradd Dalziell Midfield
35 Michael Rischitelli Midfield
36 Daniel Bradshaw Forward
37 Matt Austin Midfield
38 Tom Rockliff Forward
39 Josh Drummond Defender
41 Scott Clouston
42 Pearce Hanley Defender
43 Daniel Murray*
44 Aaron Cornelius Forward
45 Daniel Dzufer*
46 Adam Spackman*
47 Joel Tippett*
COACH Michael Voss