2009 Carlton Blues Team

2009 got off to a strong start for the Carlton Blues as they convincingly won their first two matches.  However, the rest of the season was up and down, with the Blues bringing in massive wins but following them up with massive losses.  Nevertheless, they found themselves within the Top 8 and heading to the Finals for the first time in eight years at the end of the home and away season.  Unfortunately, the 2009 Carlton Blues team lost to Brisbane in the elimination final and thus ended their 2009 season.  The 2009 Carlton Blues team is listed below.

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1 Andrew Walker Midfield
2 Jordan Russell Defender
3 Marc Murphy Midfield
4 Byrce Gibbs Midfield
5 Chris Judd Midfield
6 Kade Simpson Midfield
8 Matthrew Kreuzer Forward, Ruckman
9 Chris A Johnson Defender
10 Richard Hadley Midfield
12 Mitch Robinson Midfield, Forward
13 Chris Yarran Forward
14 Brad Fisher Forward
15 Steven Browne Midfield
16 Shaun Grigg Midfield
17 Setana O’hAilpin Ruckman
18 Paul Bower Defender
19 Eddie Betts Forward, Midfield
21 Mark Austin Defender
22 Shaun Hampson Ruckman
23 Adam Harlett Forward
24 Nick Stevens Midfield
25 Brendan Fevola Forward
26 Joe Anderson Midfield
27 Dennis Armfield Defender
28 Cameron Cloke Ruckman
29 Heath Scotland Midfield
30 Jarrad Waite Forward
31 Jordan Bannister Defender
32 Bret Thornton Defender
33 Ryan Houlihan Forward
34 Simon Wiggins Forward
38 Jeffrey Garlett Forward
39 Sam Jacobs Ruckman
40 Michael Jamison Defender
44 Andrew Carrazzo Midfield
45 Aaron Joseph Defender
47 Greg Bentley Forward
COACH Brett Ratten