2010 Essendon Bombers Team

There are 18 players chosen to appear on the field during each round, depending on player availability, performance, and injuries. These players are selected from a squad of 46 talented Essendon Bombers players. Here’s a look at the currently 2010 Essendon Bombers team from which the player squad team is chosen (* denotes a rookie). No matter who is on the field, be sure to support the Essendon Bombers with a bet on AFL fixtures at Ladbrokes.com.au. You won’t find better AFL odds anywhere else, and all new members can get a free bet worth up to $100.

1 Jay Neagle Forward
2 Ricky Dyson Midfield
3 Scott Gumbleton Forward
4 Jobe Watson Midfield
5 Brent Stanton Midfield
6 Angus Monfries Forward
7 Leroy Jetta Forward
8 Jason Winderlich Midfield
9 Brent Prismall Midfield
10 Mark McVeigh Midfield
11 David Zaharakis Midfield
12 Andrew Welsh Midfield
13 Anthony Long Midfield, Defender
14 Sam Lonergan Midfield
15 Courtenay Dempsey Defender
16 Tayte Pears Defender
17 Jake Melksham Midfield
18 Michael Hurley Defender, Forward
19 David Hille Ruckman
20 Henry Slattery Defender, Midfield
22 Jake Carlisle Defender
23 David Myers Defener
25 Michael Still Forward
26 Cale Hooker Defender
27 Jason Laycock Ruckman
28 Darcy Daniher Defender, Forward
29 Alwyn Davey Forward
30 Patrick Ryder Ruckman
31 Dustin Fletcher Defender
32 Travis Colyer Midfield
33 Mark Williams Forward
34 Kyle Hardingham Defender, Midfield
36 Kyle Reimers Defender, Midfield
38 Jarrod Atkinson Defender
39 Heath Hocking Midfield
40 Ben Howlett Midfield
42 Nathan Lovett-Murray Defender
43 Bachar Houli Midfield, Defender
44 Tom Bellchambers Ruckman
24 John Williams* Midfield
35 Taite Silverlock* Forward
41 Michael Quinn* Defender, Midfield
45 Stewart Crameri* Defender
46 Christian Bock* Ruckman
COACH: Matthew Knights