2009 Geelong Cats Team

The 2009 AFL Season started perfectly for the Geelong Cats who ended the regular season in second place with the St Kilda Saints on the top of the ladder. Ploughing through the finals series Geelong made it to the Grand Final where they beat St Kilda by 12 points, winning them their eighth Premiership title.

Tom Harley led the Geelong Cats all the way to the top of the podium with the responsibility of skipper, and retired from the team with the tag one of the greatest captains of the history of the Geelong Football Club. Harley left and Cameron Ling stood up to the plate and still captains the side to this day, the Cats are now vying for a consecutive title win, so head to our Bet on AFL page where you can put our tips into action with Ladbrokes.com.au.

Number Player Position
2 Tom Harley Defender
3 Jimmy Bartel Midfielder
4 Andrew Mackie Defender
5 Travis Varcoe Forward
6 Brad Ottens Ruck
7 Harry Taylor Defender
9 James Kelly Defender, Midfielder
10 Kane Tenace Midfielder
11 Joel Corey Midfielder
12 Trent West Ruck
13 Tom Lonergan Forward
14 Joel Selwood Midfielder
15 Ryan Gamble Forward
17 Shannon Byrnes Forward
18 Nathan Djerrkura Midfielder
20 Steve Johnson Forward
21 Cameron Mooney Forward
24 Mark Blake Ruck
25 Tom Gillies Defender
26 Tom Hawkins Forward
27 Matthew Stokes Forward
28 David Johnson Midfielder
29 Gary Ablett Midfielder
30 Matthew Scarlett Defender
33 Max Rooke Forward
34 Simon Hogan Midfielder
35 Paul Chapman Midfielder, Forward
37 Jeremy Laidler Utility
39 Darren Milburn Defender
40 David Wojcinski Defender
41 Shane Mumford Ruck
44 Corey Enright Defender
45 Cameron Ling Midfielder
Coach Mark Thompson