2010 Hawthorn Hawks Team

Each round during the home and away season sees 18 players chosen to appear on the field during the match. While this list of players can change from week to week, there’s a pool of 50 players that make up the 2010 Hawthorn Hawks team. Here’s a look at the complete squad (* denotes a rookie).

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1 Max Bailey Ruckman
2 Jarryd Roughead Half Forward, Half Back
3 Jordan Lewis Midfield
4 Rick Ladson Midfield, Backline
5 Sam Mitchell Midfield
6 Josh Gibson Defender
7 Michael Osborne Forward
8 Xavier Ellis Defender
9 Shaun Burgoyne Midfield
10 Chance Bateman Midfield
11 Clinton Young Midfield
13 Brad Sewell Midfield
14 Grant Birchall Defender
15 Luke Hodge Defender, Midfield
16 Beau Dowler Defender, Forward
17 Beau Muston Midfield
18 Brent Guerra Midfield, Forward
19 Jarryd Morton Midfield, Forward
20 Rhan Hooper Forward
21 Shane Savage Midfield
22 Travis Tuck Midfield
23 Lance Franklin Forward
25 Ryan Schoenmakers Defender
26 Liam Shiels Midfield
27 Stephen Gliham Defender
29 Thomas Murphy Defender
30 Campbell Brown Defender
31 Matthew Suckling Defender
33 Cyril Rioli Forward
34 Brent Renouf Ruckman
35 Sam Grimley Ruckman
36 Jordan Lisle Defender
37 Brendan Whitecross Defender
38 Luke Lowden Ruckman
39 Ben Stratton Defender
40 Jordan Williams Midfield
41 Tayor Duryea Midfield
28 Garry Moss* Midfield
32 Riley Milne* Defender
42 Wayde Skipper* Ruckman
43 Will Sierakowski* Defender
44 Cameron Stokes* Forward
45 Jarrod Kayler-Thomson* Midfield
46 Michael Johnston* Defender
47 Luke Breust* Forward
48 Carl Peterson* Forward
49 Trent Stubbs* Forward, Midfield
50 Raymond Shim* Midfield
COACH: Alastair Clarkson