2010 Melbourne Demons Team

Here’s a look at the entire 2010 Melbourne Demons team(* denotes a rookie). Each week, 18 players are selected from this squad to appear on the field. This squad can change from week to week, depending on performance, availability, and injuries. But, with a full squad stacked with talent, Melbourne Demons fans can be sure that their guys are going to leave it all on the field in each round.

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1 Matthew Warnock Defender
2 Nathan Jones Midfield
3 Clint Bartram Defender
4 Jack Watts Forward
5 Jordan Gysberts Midfield
6 Matthew Bate Forward
7 Brad Miller Forward
8 James Frawley Defender
9 Jack Trengove Midfield
10 Cale Morton Midfield
11 Paul Johnson Ruckman
12 Colin Sylvia Midfield, Forward
14 Lynden Dunn Midfield
15 Ricky Petterd Midfield, Forward
16 Jack Grimes Defender
18 Brad Green Midfield
19 Addam Maric Forward
20 Colin Garland Defender
21 Daniel Bell Defender
22 Brent Moloney Midfield
23 James McDonald Midfield
24 Liam Jurrah Forward
25 Kyle Cheney Defender
27 Jared Rivers Defender
28 Joel Macdonald Defender
30 Tom McNamara Defender
31 Tom Scully Midfield
32 Cameron Bruce Midfield
33 Austin Wonaeamirri Forward
34 Stefan Martin Defender
35 Luke Tapscott Forward
36 Aaron Davey Midfield
37 Max Gawn Ruckman
39 Neville Jetta Midfield
40 Mark Jamar Ruckman
43 Jamie Bennell Midfield
44 Rohan Bail Midfield
46 Sam Blease Midfield
47 James Strauss Midfield
48 Jack Fitzpatrick Ruckman
13 Jordie McKenzie* Midfield
26 John Meesen* Ruckman
29 Michael Newton* Forward
38 Danny Hughes* Reserve
42 Jake Spencer* Ruckman
50 Rhys Healey* Midfield, Forward
COACH: Dean Bailey