North Melbourne Kangaroos

The North Melbourne Football Club, nicknamed the Kangaroos, is an AFL team based in the suburb of North Melbourne. They’re the fourth oldest AFL team and one of the oldest sporting teams in Australia. Over the course of their long history, they have become known for being committed to success.

North Melbourne Kangaroos Information

Established: 1869
Home Ground(s): Eithad Stadium, Arden Street Oval
Colours: Royal Blue and White
Mascot: Barry ‘Bruiser’ Cracker
Number of Premierships Won: 4 (1975, 1977, 1996, 1999)
Number of Minor Premierships Won: 4 (1949, 1978, 1983, 1998)


The North Melbourne Kangaroos were established in 1869 as a training team for cricketers to stay in shape over the winter months. Though, it didn’t take long for the club to legitimise itself, joining the VFA in 1876 as a senior club. Despite the club’s relative success, the up and coming VFL initially disregarded them in the 1890s. The club made 3 attempts to enter the newly formed Australian rules league, even merging with the West Melbourne club to further legitimise itself, but they were not accepted until 1925. They spent the next 20 plus years at the bottom of the league. Despite a successful season in the late 1940s, the team was largely disregarded by the opposition.

In the late 1960s, the North Melbourne Kangaroos managed to recruit a few big names, including Barry Davis, Dough Wade, John Rantall, and Barry Cable. It was enough to start the team on a successful path. Ron Barassi stepped in as head coach in 1973 and thus began the golden era for the Kangaroos. Barassi led the team to their first Grand Final in 1974. They lost, but the success would not elude them the following year when they secured their first Premiership in the club’s VFL history. The success was repeated in 1977. All in all, Barassi led the team to six consecutive Grand Final appearances before finally retiring in 1980.

After Barassi’s exit, John Kennedy took over, and though he was more than capable of successfully leading the team, the 1980s and early 1990s were a time for rebuilding. 1993 was the first time that the team once again began to see improvement. Denis Pagan took over as head coach and the North Melbourne Kangaroos made it to the Finals for the first time in a decade. They managed to keep up the success through the rest of the ‘90s, eventually capturing another Premiership in 1999.

Since, the club’s successes have outnumbered their losses. Unfortunately, however, they haven’t quite been able to grab another Premiership win. In 2009, the club underwent some major changes with a new coach, a new training facility, growing membership, and a roster of fresh talent in the hopes of creating a stronger team for the 2010 season.

Emblem, Colours & Guernseys

Like any AFL team with such a long history, the club’s emblem has changed over the years with the growing team. It’s currently a kangaroo holding an AFL football over a shield. It]s done in the team’s colours of royal blue and white with silver accents. The North Melbourne Kangaroos wear home guernseys that feature alternating blue and white vertical stripes.

Football Club

The Kangaroos play all of their home matches at Etihad Stadium (56,000 capacity) and Arden Street Oval (15,000 capacity). The latter is also their training location where sessions are open to the public. This gives fans can support the team while they’re being put through their paces. You can also support the team by becoming a member. In addition to receiving tickets to home fixtures, you’ll have access to exclusive events, weekly email updates, members only merchandise, and much more. There’s a range of packages available, making it easy for all types of fans to sign up to support the North Melbourne Kangaroos.


Barry ‘Bruiser’ Cracker is the mascot for the North Melbourne Kangaroos. He’s a robust red ‘roo that’s named after famed player Peter ‘Crackers’ Keenan.

Best Bet to Make

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