North Melbourne Kangaroos Theme Song

The North Melbourne Kangaroos theme song is one of the oldest traditions of the team. Scores of screaming fans sing it out at each home fixture as it is a great way to boost morale and unite in support of the same team. Though, if you are a little rusty on the lyrics, you can also show your support for the team by getting to to put down a wager on the next North Melbourne Kangaroos match. You won’t find better odds anywhere else. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and with around the clock service from the comfort of home, it is extremely convenient.

Hearts to hearts and hands to hands
Beneath the blue and white we stand
We shout God bless our native land
North Melbourne, North Melbourne!

Out we come, out we come, out we come, to play
Just for recreations sake to pass the time away
Lots of fun, heaps of fun, enjoy yourselves today
North Melbourne boys are hard to beat when they come out to play!

So join in the chorus, and sing it one and all
Join in the chorus, North Melbourne’s on the ball
Good old North Melbourne, they’re champions you’ll agree
North Melbourne will be premiers, just you wait and see!

(To the tune of the Scottish folk song ‘A Wee Doech and Doris’)