2010 Port Adelaide Power Team

South Australia’s only AFL team, Port Adelaide Power is a popular but recently underperforming club that still possesses many gifted Aussie Rules players.

Under the captaincy of premiership winning footballer Domenic Cassisi, other top talent in the 2010 Port Adelaide Power team includes veteran forward Warren Tredrea and vice captain Dean Brogan.

The extended 2010 Port Adelaide Power team features over 45 players, listed below along with their preferred positions, from which the 18 on-field players are selected from for every game.

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Number Player Position
1 Domenic Cassisi Midfield
2 Josh Carr Midfield
3 Steven Salopek Midfield
4 Daniel Motlop Forward
5 Matthew Broadbent Defender, Midfield
6 Danyle Pearce Midfield
7 Nathan Krakouer Defender
8 Hamish Hartlett Midfield
9 Jacop Surjan Defender
10 Travis Boak Midfield
11 Marlon Motlop Forward
12 Jackson Trengove Defender, Ruck
13 Wade Thompson Forward
14 Paul Stewart Defender, Midfield
15 David Rodan Midfield
16 Warren Tredrea Forward
17 Robbie Gray Forward
18 Kane Cornes Midfield
19 Nick Slater Forward
20 Dean Brogan Ruck
21 Matt Thomas Midfield
22 Jay Nash Defender
23 Matthew Lobbe Forward, Ruck
24 Matthew Westhoff Forward
26 Andrew Moore Defender, Forward
27 Alipate Carlile Defender
28 Jay Schulz Forward
29 Jasper Pittard Midfield
30 Troy Chaplin Defender
31 Mitchell Banner Midfield
32 John Butcher Forward
33 Brett Ebert Forward
34 Jarrad Redden Ruck
35 Chad Cornes Defender, Midfield
36 Michael Pettigrew Defender
37 Daniel Bass* Ruck
38 Scott Harding Midfield
39 Justin Westhoff Forward
40 Glenn Dawson* Forward
41 Jason Davenport Midfield
42 Danny Meyer Midfield
43 Daniel Stewart Forward
44 Tom Logan Midfield
45 Cameron Hitchcock* Forward
46 Daniel Webb* Forward
47 Cameron Cloke* Forward, Ruck
48 Jordon Johns* Midfield
COACH Matthew Primus