Richmond Tigers Theme Song

One of the most widely recognised theme songs in the AFL is that of the Richmond Tigers, and while they may not have sung it too often of late – the crowed roar the Tigers to life from the stands with these powerful lyrics.

Called ‘Oh, we’re from Tigerland’, the Richmond club song evokes passion from all who sing it, and for a true fan these words are imprinted on the inside of your eyelids!

So when you next go along to support your beloved Richmond Tigers make sure you belt the song out as loud as the fan next to you, so the Tigers on the pitch can draw inspiration and result in a win. If you cannot make it there, the next best thing is to Bet on AFL, and you can do that with to show Richmond you are behind them all the way!

Oh we’re from Tigerland
A fighting fury we’re from Tigerland
In any weather you will see us with a grin
Risking head and skin
If we’re behind
we’ll never mind
we’ll fight and fight and win
oh where from tigerland
we never weaken til the final siren goes
like the tigers of old
we’re strong and we’re bold
oh we’re from tiger
oh we’re from tigerland

(To the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row’)