AFL Tipping

A goal is scored

Bookies have a whole range of exotic bets including markets on the first player to kick a goal.

There is nothing better than having a punt on the fast paced, high scoring game that is the AFL.

Bookmakers have hundreds of excellent bet types and markets open during the AFL season to get in on, with offering some of the most lucrative AFL odds and betting options.

With so much going on in the world of AFL all the time and the betting markets constantly changing, it is important to know how to make smart bets that will win you the most money when you place your Aussie Rules wagers.

Here we provide a quick guide to using all those AFL tips to get the most bang from your betting buck.

Don’t forget, betting on the AFL is fun and easy if you know where to find the value. For a list of the best online bookmakers with AFL odds check out our Bet on AFL page.

Factors that Influence the Markets

The best tip you can take when betting on the AFL is to consider all the factors that influence the game or market you are betting on, and to keep an eye on how these things affect the dynamics of a match and in turn the odds.

Don’t make blind bets! That is, don’t place a bet without knowing at least something about the game.

The smartest punters out there look at things like the ground conditions, which teams play better at home and away, whether a team has a poor wet ground record, and individual player statistics.

All these things change the odds on a game and are really simple to find out online. If you take a few minutes before betting to look at factors including what players are injured or missing from a game, their past record against the particular rivals and player statistics you can really make some great money!

Tipping your Team

We all love to get behind our favourite AFL team when having a bet, but remember, a biased punter doesn’t always make money.

Heaps of footy fans out there often place big bets on their home AFL club regardless of their chances of winning, which can lead to huge loses.

It is important to place smart bets and back the team with the best chance of success. Of course, this doesn’t always mean the favourites in the betting markets.

There is plenty of money to be made off the underdogs in AFL.

Often teams are at generous long-priced odds because they are playing a team further up the ladder than them. But ladder position isn’t everything and upsets are aplenty in the AFL. So consider all factors, see if there is value in the underdogs and you could beat the bookies!

Of course if you really want to show your support and get behind your favourite AFL Teams there are ways you can have your cake and eat it too.

If your team doesn’t look like it has a chance of winning a certain game in the head-to-head markets, you can still win with through exotic bets.

Bookies like have a whole range of exotic bets including markets on the first player to kick a goal, winning margin spreads and much more.

If you know your Aussie Rules and stats these markets can be a gold mine! For more on how to bet and win using the game and player statistics head to AFL Stats.

You should now feel confident that betting on the AFL is easy as long as you know how to best use your tips and read the markets.

So why not put your new knowledge into action and head to to check out the latest AFL odds. Good luck!