AFL Betting

There is no better sport to bet on than the AFL with its athletic and entertaining players, fast paced action and range of excellent wagering options.

As one of Australia’s most popular and watched footy codes, the AFL gives punters some really exciting betting opportunities both in the match-by-match markets and in the futures betting.

Online bookmakers like have the best range of betting odds and options open on the AFL to give you money making milestones to look forward to throughout each season and game.

It is important to choose the right bet type for you when having a punt on the AFL, so below we give a brief rundown of some of the most popular wagers available on Aussie Rules Football.

The best place to go for all your footy wagers is to an online bookmaker like as they offer more options, easier betting procedures and better odds than the TAB. To check out the best online bookies for the AFL head to our Bet on AFL page.

Standard AFL Bet Types

The most popular betting option on the AFL is the head-to-head markets for the individual games. Every round online bookies including have head-to-head odds available for every game and every team. This is a great betting option for punters looking for a simple bet that will have you barracking for your team all the way till the end!

And don’t forget that there is plenty of money to be made off betting on the underdogs if you read the markets right and know the form of your AFL Teams.

Future AFL Bet Types

One of the reasons why betting on the AFL is so popular is because of the sport’s great range of ante-post bet types available.

In the AFL pre-season every year bookmakers have early odds on things like who will coach certain teams.

Then there are the continuing future markets that are decided at the end of the season, including odds on which players will pick up all of the AFL’s esteemed awards.

Bookies have odds on who will win the Brownlow Medal, NAB Rising Star, Coleman Medal and the Team Best and Fairest awards.

These futures markets suit punters looking for a long-term investment over the season and for fans that like to have a punt on their favourite players.

AFL Finals Betting

Attracting some of the biggest wagers are the ante-post season markets for the overall results of the AFL competition. The most popular one of these is what team will win the AFL premiership or flag.

Obviously the earlier in the season you jump on a team’s odds to be the outright AFL winner the better value you will get because as the season progresses and the teams start to win their matches, their odds will shorten accordingly at bookies like

One step back is to bet on a team to make the grand final, with some great quinealla bets available for punters keen to name the two teams who will face off in the most anticipated footy showdown of the year. will give you a quote on any combination of teams in these markets, putting you in control of your betting!

You can also find great value in the Finals betting markets when backing on a team/s to make the final eight or the top four. There’s also the chance to pick what teams won’t make the final with the ‘Miss the Top 8’ markets.

Other popular future bets taken on the AFL are the region bets, where you can bet on things like who will be the highest ranked Victorian team at the end of the season, or what region the winning team will be from.

Exotic AFL Betting

For punters looking for the more exciting and possibly lucrative AFL betting chances, then the exotic markets open at bookies like are for you.

Exotic betting happens on a match-by-match basis and is a great way to take full advantage of your AFL Stats knowledge and make top dollar through your AFL betting.

Another type of exotic betting open on each round is the multi-leg markets where you combine multiple match results into one wager that has very generous odds. You must get all the games you bet on in the multi wager correct to win at the end, but it pays out very well – far better than individually betting on each game.

Other exotic options available on each game include bets on the winning margin spread, exact winning margin, first player to kick a goal, first team to a set amount of points, and the results after each quarter.

All of these great special bet types can be placed pre-match or live during the action of the game, and if you bet online at a bookie like you can place your bet within seconds and get back to the game without missing a moment!

Now that you know all the bet types available to you, get some top footy tips that will have you winning money in no time on our AFL Tipping page. Happy punting!